Earnest Money Disputes

When a real estate contract falls, earnest money disputes may add to the disappointment and frustration already experienced by the failure to close.  Earnest money is generally a lower dollar amount; however, the Colorado Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate requires mediation prior to filing the matter in court.  Colorado Mediators & Arbitrators offers a low cost program to quickly address earnest money disputes.

Choose the process

  • You may file for earnest money mediation, which allows the parties to attempt to voluntarily agree with the assistance of an uninvolved professional mediator.  The conclusion of the matter is not guaranteed; if mediation fails, the parties must proceed to court as an additional step to have a judge decide who will be awarded the earnest money.  There are additional costs associated with filing in court.
  • You may convert from mediation to med-arbitration, which allows the parties to begin with the attempt to voluntarily agree with the assistance of an uninvolved professional mediator.  If mediation fails, the med-arbitrator renders a simple written binding decision, and the matter is brought to a close.   There is no additional fee for converting to Med-Arbitration.

Colorado Mediators & Arbitrators provides an ideal way to settle disputes.  We would enjoy working with you!


"Judy,  You recently acted as the Mediator in my dispute re: breach of the RE contract as it related to the Earnest Money.  I want to thank you for handling the Mediation in such a professional manner.  While I had no prior experience with the Mediation procedure and was unsure what to expect, I was more than satisified with your quick response to all correspondence prior and post to the meeting as well as your demeanor through the actual meeting.  I now clearly understand it takes a certain degree of knowledge, patience and ability to "manage and keep on track" the multiple parties that are involved in a what is likely always a hostile situation.  Thank you again for your efforts."  T.H. Earnest Money Dispute Mediation 

"You may remember me from the mediation you did back in May on the above. It was a pleasure working with you for that short time, and even though this is the first time this has ever happened to us,  I will keep you in mind if it happens again, which I doubt, and will refer you to others, if necessary." R.M. Earnest Money Dispute Mediation 

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