Divorce Mediation

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Colorado Courts order mediation for family matters because the parties themselves participate in creating their own agreements in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding or MOU.  The court routinely adopts the MOU as the court order when the agreement is fair to all parties, which produces higher satisfaction with the end result.  Mediation focuses on solutions that meet the needs of all family members, reduces conflict, and allows for more control over the outcome. Mediation is required in disputed matters whether or not the couple has retained an attorney.  Mediation helps to determine whether agreement can be voluntarily reached before the judge imposes a decision.


Legal Separation or Divorce for Couples with Children 


  • $150 Mediation Initiation Fees 
  • $2,500 Case Fee

Legal Separation or Divorce for Couples with No Children 


  • $150 Mediation Initiation Fees 
  • $2,000 Case Fee

All sessions to be held within 2 months of signing the agreement.  The goal is to get all paperwork done prior to the Initial Status Conference scheduled 42 days after the filing of the Petition so that the final hearing can be scheduled on or around the 91st day:

Included:  All court-required forms in a standard, non-contested legal separation or divorce which are essential and ancillary to the mediation process and for the purpose of recording the Parties’ agreements for the court.  

  • Initial Filing Documents: Petition, Case Information Worksheet, and Decree
  • Sworn Financial Statements / Certificates of Compliance for each of the parties
  • Child Support & Maintenance Worksheet 
  • Memorandum of Understanding or MOU, a narrative record that gives details about the agreements entered into by the parties 

Not Included: 

  • Preparation of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders / QDROs    
  • Court Filing Fees ($230 to file case with the court)
  • Required Parenting Class 


Modifications to existing child support and parenting plans are efficiently and inexpensively addressed through mediation.  The process is designed to preserve respect and goodwill between co-parents and their children, allowing the restructured family to enjoy the best environment possible in both homes.

  • $75.00 Mediation Initiation Fee is charged to each party upon signing the agreement to mediate
  • $125 per party per hour with a (4) four hour minimum. 

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