“The existing judicial system is too costly, too painful, too destructive, too inefficient for a truly civilized people...  To rely on the adversarial process as the principal means of resolving conflicting claims is a mistake that must be corrected."  The Late Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren E. Burger

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Colorado Mediators & Arbitrators™ provides Alternative Dispute Resolution services that
balance time, money, and quality.


Covid 19 Accommodations:  We are continuing to provide services utilizing Zoom Web Conferencing, DocuSign, and Other Virtual Systems.  

Colorado Mediators & Arbitrators™ | COMA was founded in 2005 to resolve disputes while balancing quality, cost, and efficiency.  We are committed to fairness and fair process in both Mediation (negotiated settlement) & Arbitration (a private judge renders a decision.) COMA mediates business, real estate, and divorce matters with excellence. Our 3-tiered arbitration program offers a targeted approach that removes prohibitive arbitration costs by tying the amount of claim to the type of hearing, and that provides for expediency and efficiency.

If the thought of litigation makes you question your own stamina and resources, we are here to save you thousands of dollars in litigation costs and cut off months, if not years, in the judicial court process.  Get a fair settlement while spending less time and money.  

Mediation:  A confidential negotiation of the disputed matters.  Mediation allows maximum control with minimal cost utilizing a professional negotiator who assists disputing parties to find mutually satisfactory solutions to their differences.  Approximately 95% of all cases filed in court are resolved prior to trial.  When agreement is reached, a Memorandum of Understanding is executed and enforceable in court.  We make every effort to schedule mediation quickly, within 30 days of the filing of the Mediation Submission Agreement. 

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Mediation Fee Agreement

Med-Arbitration:  Med-Arbitration is a form of dispute resolution that combines the self-determination of mediation with the finality of arbitration.  In the initial stage of a Med-Arbitration proceeding, the parties attempt to reach a voluntary settlement through negotiation that is facilitated by a single, neutral Med-Arbitrator.  If settlement is not reached, the parties are given a full and fair hearing by the same Med-Arbitrator.  After considering the evidence and testimony presented, the Med-Arbitrator shall render a simple written decision which is binding on the parties.

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Arbitration:  A confidential binding decision by a private judge.  Arbitration provides speedy resolution to disputed matters.  Colorado Mediators & Arbitrators™ offers a 3-Tiered Arbitration Program that makes financial sense evaluating costs and benefits.  We make every effort to conclude Documentary and Teleconference Hearings within 60 days of the initial filing.

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